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Hydrogen sulphide: Toxic and deadly

Many of us will have come across hydrogen sulphide (H2S). If you have ever cracked a rotten egg or had an encounter with a stink-bomb, the distinctive smell is H2S.
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First Responders and Carbon Monoxide Risk

by Louise Early, Strategic Industry Manager

I recently attended an IGEM event (Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers) here in the UK. The subject in hand was carbon monoxide (CO), and I was pleased to hear the focus extending from home alarms to personal monitors for first responders and boiler engineers.
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Crowcon’s I-Test Ensures Gas Detectors are Compliant

The new Crowcon I-Test bump testing and calibration station is designed specifically to test and verify that Crowcon’s Gas-Pro portable gas detectors are in a compliant state.
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Marine Industry Review

Lloyds Register (working with QinetiQ and the University of Strathclyde) recently published their research entitled ‘Global Marine Trends 2030’. This work takes a long range view of the influences and drivers that will drive the growth of marine activity around the globe over the next 17 years.
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The other side to fracking

In recent years, a significant awareness of and concern about “fracking” has developed. This is largely because of the dramatic increase in the use of this process in the United States for the extraction of natural gas in particular.
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